Accuracy & ReliabilityTime & Efforts SavingTailor made MIS ReportingProfessional/Qualified StaffCost SavingQualitySecurity & Confidentiality


When we accept any assignment we become part of Client’s business. Our philosophy is to grow with the client. You can Rely on us as your business associate cum finance manager.

We put all the efforts to provide accurate information to our clients. We employ only qualified and well trained staff for data entry to avoid any errors.

Further there is an audit procedure above data entry staff to verify the work done by them so as to minimize the chances of error.

Time & Efforts Saving



In today’s competitive and complex business environment entrepreneurs have to put many efforts and invest huge time to sustain and grow their businesses. The last thing they want to worry about is managing accounts and mitigate all the tax payments/returns deadlines under various laws applicable to the business. Being qualified chartered accountants we can assume such responsibilities and can save your time and efforts so that you can invest it for business growth.

Tailor made MIS Reporting



Like human every business is different from other business and hence has different requirements. We thoroughly study business process of our every client and based on our expertise and industry standards decide about required reports. For example, Daily Sales Reporting might be crucial for Restaurants and Super Markets but the same might not be that crucial for a Trader or a Manufacturer.

Professional/Qualified Staff



We have categorized our staff into three departments namely Processors, Auditors and Team Leaders. Processors do all the data entries. We hire only graduates or CA students as processors with a fair amount of work experience. They are trained for minimum period of 15 days before assignment of any work.

The second category is of Auditors. Auditors are generally Post graduates or CA Final year Students with at least 2 years of experience in the field of Accounting and Taxation. And then there is Team Leader who looks after work carried out by Auditors and prepares MIS reports. Team Leader looks after work efficiency and accuracy of the Processors and Auditors. Team leader is generally a Qualified CA or Post graduate with at least 5 to 6 years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation.

Cost Saving



Cost saving is the by product that you will receive by outsourcing functions to us. We are able to deliver cost saving out of locational advantage. Customers are sure to receive significant reduction in their current operating cost. Though cost saving depends on lot of factors like location of the customer, how many processes are outsourced, etc. still customer can expect cost reduction between 50 to 60 percent of their current operating cost.



Quality is something which one cannot measure but can feel. Our customers can feel the quality of our work from the smoothness of operations. We review the current processes followed by the client, replicate it upto certain period and then put our expertise and knowledge to optimize the same. Also audit and review mechanism is put in place to ensure the quality of output is accurate and consistent.

Security & Confidentiality


We are taking full care of data security and confidentiality for our clients. Following are some of the steps we have taken to make sure that data is secured and confidential
• Diskless PCs for staff
• No USB drive and CD drive access to staff
• Restricted internet access for staff
• CC tv cameras in staff area
• Frequent change of User IDs and passwords for all the users
• Antivirus software for all PCs and Server
• Regular Back up of Data on a External Hard Drive
• Non Disclosure agreements with the clients and with employees
• Background check of all the staff before deployment